Perforex – Speed and accuracy into your hands.

Our NEW Rittal Perforex BC 1007 HS is capable 
of manufacturing all your panel requirements. 

·  CNC programming ensures accuracy and repeatability every time, short or long runs.
·  Drilling, Thread-tapping and Milling from over 20 preloaded tools.
·  Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steel, Plastic, Copper.
·  Call TODAY for a demonstration!

AP Haslam’s Perforex BC 1007 HS from Rittal, adds to the speed and efficiency of our Workshop when it comes to supplying Enclosures for Industrial and Hazardous areas.

With up to 20 tools in the magazine for drilling, tapping and milling, the Perforex machine enables hours of production work to be completed with increased speed, reducing the preparation time with its sophisticated software and preinstalled panel drawings. 

The Perforex BC 1007 HS can handle panels up to 3600×2300 mm and since programming is faster than manual marking, the system provides obvious advantages from single items to big batch production.

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