Klippon STB Stainless Steel Enclosures

Klippon Weidmuller STB stainless Steel Enclosure
The new Klippon IP66 STB 316L stainless-steel range of enclosures can be used in a wide range of applications.
The name Klippon has long been synonymous for competence and quality in the supply of enclosures and customer solutions for standard industrial and harsh environment applications. This philosophy continues with Weidmuller's Klippon STB range of stainless steel enclosures.

Ideally suited to the transportation, energy and process industry, the Klippon STB is a natural compliment to our existing Klippon enclosures product portfolio.

The enclosures are approved to international standards e.g. EN 62208 and EN 60079 (ATEX).

Klippon STB 1 SS E, Stainless Steel Enclosure

Klippon STB 1.1 SS E,Stainless Steel Enclosure

Klippon STB 2 SS E, Stainless Steel Enclosure

Klippon STB 2.1 SS, Stainless Steel Enclosure

 Klippon STB 3 SS E, Stainless Steel Enclosure

Klippon STB 4 SS E, Stainless Steel Enclosure 


Klippon Series Size HxWxD (cm) Material

KSTB 1 12x12x8 316L / Steel
KSTB 1.1 15x12x8 316L / Steel

KSTB 2 15x15x9 316L / Steel
KSTB 2.1 19x15x9 316L / Steel

KSTB 3 19x19x10 316L / Steel

KSTB 4 25x25x12 316L / Steel

KSTB 5 16x38x12 316L / Steel

KSTB 6 25x40x13 316L / Steel

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