Save Up To 50% On Lighting Costs with NEW T5 ADAPTER

Save on Lighting Costs with the T5 Adapter
Replace Old T8 Fluorescent Tubes with the T5 Adapter!

T8 to T5 adapter in the best solution to update T8/T10/T12 fluorescent systems with traditional magnetic or electronic ballast to the new energy saving T5 system. Easy-fit T5 adapter is a breakthrough in the fluorescent lighting field.
The T5 adapter not only saves on energy and maintenance costs, but albo improves lighting quality in a efficient and environmentally friendly manner.
It is very easy to install and after initial installation you only need to replace the long life tube as normal.

- up to 50% energy savings,
- long life tube 15,000 hours,
- easy installation,
- improved light quality,
- no flicker,
- instant start (can be used for further saving with PIR),
- short payback period,
- no need to replace existing light fitting,
- minimal installation interruption,
- long life tube and reflector included.